The Fisherman’s Daughter – Arab folktales from Iraq

Original compilation from different Arabic sources. Translated to the Serbian language from four Iraqi sub-dialects of Arabic with a following treatise on the compiled tales and the Arab oral tradition in general. Under the back cover title in Arabic: Bint aṣ-ṣayyād – Suwālif ša‛biyya min al-‛Irāq.
With full bibliography of the sources including the names and resident places of the narrators, an index of supernatural beings and magic objects that appear in the corpus.
With one original dialectal tale presented in both Arabic script and scientific Latin transliterated form.
Afterword: The Language and Translation of Arab Falktales 2
Pages: 236+57+9.
Published: Ribareva kći.
Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, Beograd 1998. ISBN 86-17-07108-7

ribareva_kci_prva  ribareva_kci_arBeleska-o-prevodiocu_AR-1
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