Srpko Leštarić: Funny Serbian Surnames


A unique catalogue of 5,500 unusual Serbian surnames arranged basically according to their endings. Many are also grouped so to form etymological nests. Many are real fun being made up of popular nicknames and compound words.
The surnames derived from any kind of proper nouns or words of foreign origin have not been taken into account, but only those for which may be said that are colorful.
The book contains four main parts:
Part I: Introduction with the analysis of main topic issues and defining the criteria;
Part II: etymologically related nests – surnames derived from the names of fruits, vegetables, dishes, professions, items of furniture and other domestic accessories, tools and weapons, social status, atmospheric and celestial phenomena, etc.;
Part III: three-syllable surnames ending by -ić;
Part IV: various surnames that are not ending by -ić.
Appendix: 500 two-syllable surnames ending by -ić (demo sample).
Appendix: Index of all surnames in the catalogue with their unique reference numbers, sorted by alphabetical order.
Appendix: surnames containing a syllable-making r“.
Serbian title: Zanimljiva srpska prezimena.
Pages: 285.
Službeni glasnik, Beograd 2014.  ISBN 978-86-519-1794-6


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